Introducing my Grandson, Charlie Moore !

Each and every image in Charlie's album was specially selected to represent a specific memory or milestone.

Jan - The way Charlie sleeps, just like his dad.
Feb - Charlie's 1st attachment, his toy elephant.
Mar - The raincoat was just adorable.
Apr - Charlie in his Uncle Ash's hat.
May - Learning to eat food rather than wear it in the dinosaur dining seat.
Jun - Charlie's 1st pool day.
Jul - Charlies 1st steps, literally seconds after that image was captured.
Aug - Charlie's personality really starting to shine through.
Sept - Charlie's christening
Oct - Charlie's characteristic "Where's my dinner?" frown.  
Nov - Bath time fun.  One of every parents favourite memories. 
Dec - Grandads hat.

Charlie Moore

Born 10th Dec 2017.