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From Wall sets through to Album services, each and every image is an original signed piece of artwork.


Wall Set Service

Stunning visual displays for your home.
Choose from a range of pre-designed layouts, or, have something specifically designed to lend itself to the layout of the chosen area.
This service is designed to be as bespoke as it needs to be for maximum impact.
Put those most cherished memories on display!

Album Service

Ultimate Baby Book is the product name of the most amazing baby's 1st year albums available.  Containing 12, 24, or, 52, hand drawn A3 graphite portraits, they capture the growth and development of your ever changing beautiful newborn during their all important first year.

Depending on the level of service required, I will create weekly, fortnightly, or monthly instalments to your album until it is ready for binding into your personalised album cover, also hand crafted. These amazing volumes of work make the most luxurious and sentimental keepsakes imaginable. Crafted over 13 months your album will have a minimum time investment of 150 hours, and over 520 with the larger volumes. 

These beautiful commissions are extremely exclusive as I can only create a limited amount in any twelve month period.  

Ultimate Baby Books are ideally commissioned before the arrival of your newest family member in order for us to make all communication arrangements in advance.  This allows me to work silently in the background without disturbing your most valuable time getting to know your newborn. 

The exquisite album covers are created on my behalf by family run business "Hartnack & Company" (www.Hartnack&Co.Com)

Having searched for the very best quality albums in which to present my work, I found them with Nick & Jackie Hartnack and their team in Devon, UK.  These beautifully crafted album covers and matching presentation boxes complement my work perfectly and are completely hand made to your exact specifications.  

Starting from £8000 these spectacular volumes of work are not to everyone's taste, however this service is completely tailored to your specific requirements for that 'No expense spared' experience.

Contact me at your convenience to discuss your personal requirements.

Individual portrait Service

Individual portraiture is also available for anyone looking for a gift idea that's head and shoulders above normal.

Ultimate Baby Book

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